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Pep Talk: You are Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Pep Talk
Yes, you are.

Beauty is no longer confined to a specific body shape or tint of your skin. It delves deeper than the spirals that make up your genes that give your face symmetrical features or make your nose look “crooked” or your jawline “droopy”. More importantly, it’s not what others see you as. So, please stop fretting over things like “I-am-paper-thin” or “my-glasses-make-me-look-nerdy”. And if you have already done so, take a step ahead and tell yourself that you are the queen of hearts and your are loved, no matter what. Also, nerdy is the new sexy.

Pep Talk
Love yourself. You deserve it.

You might have heard things like- it’s all about how you carry yourself. Well, true that! There are a few secret (rather, not so secret) ingredients to “carrying” yourself really well. And they are…

  • Feeling confident all the time: No matter what you do, wear confidence like your second skin. Add confidence to anything and that alone is transformational to say the least.
  • Feeling beautiful inside out: They say beauty is skin deep. That, I think, is rather superficial. Yeah, anatomically as well (giggle). Beauty is at the core of your being and that’s the only thing you need to feel every single moment.

Pep Talk
Embrace your uniqueness.

  • Happiness: This one is an absolute no-brainer. Being happy gives you that glow which is unparalleled. It’s been scientifically proven. Your smile is magical (literally). Wear it always.
    Pep Talk
    Feel happy, feel pretty.
  • Acknowledging the fact that you are unique: We’re snowflakes. No two of us are exactly alike. So is our perception of beauty. So, don’t try to fit in. Celebrate your uniqueness.

You are your own kind of beautiful. Don’t shy away from breaking the stereotype. You were meant to stand out and stand tall. I don’t mean to talk you into believing this with words made of cotton candy. You already are a masterpiece. All you need to do is to believe in who you truly are.

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