Pep Talk : In Your Skin

There’s only one way look your best- being in your own skin. It took me almost three decades to figure this out. I never thought that there is a fine line between looking good and looking your best. I only realized this when I went through a phase of drastic transformation. I went from skinny and dull to lean and beautiful. One fine morning, I decided to let what people think about me take the backseat and develop a perspective of my own to determine what I look like to myself. I’m in no way summarizing that this is the entire story of my transformation. Nevertheless, this dawn of wisdom was the stepping stone and the most crucial step in the complete process. I think I would like to describe each and every step of the journey for you, my precious angel: that’s my endeavor through this blog. So, let me start from the very beginning.

Pep Talk
Before – After

It’s absolutely essential that you start with an empty canvas. And by an empty canvas, I mean a mind free of any limiting notions about yourself. Believe it or not, these false premises are the biggest hindrances to your successful take off. The first thing that I did was to let go of all the prejudices. That was the first time I realized how good it feels to be in my own skin. It’s almost like taking off that constricting bra.

There are powerful devices in your arsenal that will significantly and positively aid in taking this vital step. Youtube videos of Abraham Hicks were my personal favorites.  I don’t intend to spark up any religion/faith related controversy here in this forum. You can find inspiration in any form and mode of your choice. You can determine this with ease.

The next step is to purge your mind of any negativity that you might be feeling at this point in time. It can be directed to yourself or at anyone else. But remember that any hostility towards anybody is actually self-disgust in disguise. Get rid of it. Totally.

The third step is to cleanse your system. Get rid of physical (in the literal sense, in case you were wondering) pollutants from within your body and around yourself. Do detox diets, eat lean and clean,  meditate, clean the vicinity of your being. One activity that has totally lost momentum now in India is the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, an initiative by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to clean our streets. We can control what we feed ourselves and what where we stay. Small things done collectively can bring about changes that we desire.

The fourth and final step is to stay happy. The importance of keeping yourself happy cannot be emphasized enough. One simple trick is to look for something funny in the most portentous of situations though it might seem impossible at first glance. Take yourself on long walks (all by yourself or with someone who makes you feel valued), feed yourself something yummy, make yourself do more of what you like. The most important component to being in your skin is to make yourself comfortable in it.

Once you being to feel happy in your skin is when the transformation game begins. Hope you get here real fast. Then we can take this journey forward by making the most of the other resource available to us. They say, charity begins at home, and your story of transformation begins with you being in your skin.

Hope to see you soon. I’m curious to know your story too. Do pitch in.


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