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On day two of #sweetnovemberchallenge I will share something from my bucket list. Before I go ahead and do so, please don’t forget to check out the post from yesterday if you haven’t already. Also, my friends are taking this challenge. Please follow the hashtag #bloggerbae and #sweetnovemberchallenge to know what they’ve on their bucket lists.

Now let’s hop on to today’s topic.

I was always fascinated by the idea of staying in faraway places because the best way to know a place is to live there. This dream of mine was fulfilled when I came to live on an island called Antigua. It’s one of the two islands that form the twin island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua Keychain


I was hardly aware that this place existed until I first visited the island in January 2018. These islands are so tiny, we never learn about them in our Geography classes at school. What we know as West Indies is actually a group of island nations in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay

These tiny islands were once the territories of European superpowers like UK and France. Antigua became an independent nation in 1981.

Sandals Beach

Getting here is easy if you’re in the east coast of North America. There are direct flights from UK and a few other cities in Europe. From India, it is two days’ journey including the long layovers at Gatwick or JFK Airport, New York depending on your route.

The best time to visit the island is between November and March. The weather is fantastic! And the view is simply spectacular!

White sand beaches line this beautiful tropical island and the vast blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean stretches as far as your vision does. Occasionally, tiny privately owned islands dot the clam cool waters not very far from the coastline. There are 365 beaches – you can explore one everyday for an entire year. How cool is that!

I have been extremely lucky to call this place home and I will continue to stay here for the next few months.

Life is slow paced and relaxed. Living here is definitely expensive but thankfully our jobs have got us covered.

I am eternally thankful to the unseen forces for making this dream of mine come true.

There are a few other Caribbean islands that I’ve visited and I can’t wait to write about them on my blog. I have another interesting destination on my bucket list. It’s Santorini in Greece. I hope this one also gets ticked off the list soon.

For the time being, let’s chat about the kind of places on your bucket list. Please write it down in the comments section so that the power of written words can weave its magic and make it come true.


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