Things I can’t Live Without

Hmmm…after a lot of soul searching, I couldn’t find a single thing that I can’t live without. I’m serious. Even I was quite astonished at this discovery.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do have aims and aspirations. I love to own pretty things. I love all things a girl loves to own. I hoard makeup. I buy sarees, dresses, jewelry, bags and shoes. My eyes light up when I see plush toys. I still secretly wish to buy barbie dolls. I love birthdays and anniversaries because I love to get gifts. Give me anything and I will treasure it. But I’m not too attached to anything in particular. I have acknowledged and accepted the fact that all things have a finite shelf life. Even my very own life does.

Honestly, I’ve gone through upheavals quite a few times in my life and I realized that people and things are like phases. They phase in and out all the time. So much is changing all around us every single second that it’s impossible to keep a track. I know that I can’t hold on to people and things forever. It’s just not going to happen. Any effort to hold on to something is going to result in agony in the long term. I’ll give you a minute to think about it.

Hold on. You’re not here to read some crazy girl rant about things that don’t mean anything to you. I request you not to click the little “X” if you’ve made it this far.

I strongly believe that it’s actually the feeling of joy associated with holding a pretty thing that makes you happy. Think of something from your bucket list that you don’t have right now. Say, you want a Manish Malhotra dress for your wedding or anniversary. Now, close your eyes and try to imagine yourself in that dress. Don’t you feel happy? Now, let’s take this to the next level. Keeping your eyes closed (Read this first, please!) imagine that you’re donning your dream outfit and you just stepped out of your car. Delicate flowers and jewels are tucked into your elaborate hairdo. You’re looking like a million dollars. Suddenly, a voice calls out your name. You turn back and see SRK with hands stretched out in his signature pose and a wide, dimpled grin pasted on his lips. Are you smiling now? I bet you are. So, now you see the point I was try to make, right? It’s not ‘having’ but ‘feeling’ that makes us happy. And you can take yourself to that happy place with your imagination.

I am enough and so are you. There are things we love and want to possess but there’s nothing that we can’t do without… except, maybe food, water, some basic clothing… or are those dispensable too?…Think of monks and sages. But that’s a little too “high-level” for the time being. 😇

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See you soon.

Xoxo ❤

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