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I am Reetuparna and this is my first post as a part of the #unapologeticgirlz blog train. If you’re a little confused, let me explain. We, a bunch of bloggers, have created a series of blog posts with the theme #unapologeticgirls and each of us have written about things dear to us. The fun lies in following the chain and reading what all of us have in store for you this Women’s Day.

Let me first thank Pamela for introducing me. I really loved her post.

Let’s come back to the topic at hand, shall we? If you think that the title of this post is a red flag “narcissist alert”, well you’re… Correct… Partially! I just chose this title… Out of five options. Because I liked it the most.

You’re probably living in a fool’s paradise if you think you believe that your love is reserved exclusively for your family or your nation. I strongly believe that love is a feeling of well being that manifests in different forms. And the primary form of love is self love. It’s impossible to loathe one’s own self and care for someone else. I visualize love as a stream of magic potion that flows from within myself and fills my own heart and flows through my own veins before touching the ones who are dear to me. Too much gyan you say? Let that sink in and don’t worry I’m not here to lecture you on self love. I’d like to do that… but I’ll shelve it for later. Today I’ll talk about three of my favorite Bollywood characters and why I relate to them.

1. Rani from Queen: Kangana always outperforms herself and with her portrayal of Rani, I think she has done a phenomenal job. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this movie. The film revolves around Rani, a shy girl from a humble background who sets out on a trip to Paris all by herself and of course, her innocence after she gets dumped by her financĂ©.

Queen Theatrical Poster

Queen Theatrical Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

Kangana’s character in the film will always be close to my heart because I have gone through similar situations. No, I have not been dumped a day before my wedding, if you’re wondering. I have often found myself in a situation from which I needed rescuing- be it in a job that I didn’t like or a toxic relationship, I have been there. I have come to my own rescue time and again and found a better place to be in everytime. No matter how badly you get shattered, it’s only you who has the ability to collect all the fallen pieces and create a masterpiece that your life is truly meant to be.

2. Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: Naina is my favorite character and she is my soul sister. Growing up I had always been told what to do and what not to. (Indian parents are generally overprotective and have their hopes a desires tangled with their children’s dreams. I don’t criticize them. There’s no point. It is how they’ve grown up to be.) I was fairly good in studies. And I was a conformist.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Theatrical Poster Courtesy Wikipedia
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani Theatrical Poster Courtesy Wikipedia

Then college happened! And then office! I met my amazing friends who taught me to unwind and chill. If you know me from middle school or high school, you know I used to be tightly wound like a clockwork doll. That had completely changed in the last 8-10 years- I have a different perspective on almost everything now. I love the new me. I have outlined this in details in my #10yearchallenge post.

3. Geet from Jab We Met: You saw this coming, didn’t you? Actually, Geet is not a character, it’s a category. Funny, quirky, impulsive, headstrong and more… I can think of other characters like Sulu from Tumhari Sulu, Mili from Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat and Sonam Kapoor’s Aisha all fit into the “Geet” category. I love all these characters and my quirky, almost atrangi self calls out “that’s me” whenever I watch these movies.

So, those were all the characters I love and relate to. I’d love to know about your favorite movie characters and why you relate to them. Let’s catch up in the comments section. Also don’t forget to check out my friend Shweta’s #unapologetic post here.

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