How to Relieve Period Pain and Napkin Rash

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In today’s post, I will talk about two of the most annoying period problems- cramps and chaffing or napkin rashes.

Periods are a uncomfortable and painful experience for many people. Menstrual cramps and unease related to periods makes life difficult for some of us. For me personally, periods have been pretty painful. There had been times when I could not step outside because of a dull, constant and searing pain. Luckily, my mom or hers did not experience any discomfort associated with periods.

I don’t think that menstrual pain is as inevitable as some of us love to believe. In fact this is a medical condition known as dysmenorrhea. Intense pain should not be taken lightly as this might indicate something serious. Menstrual cramps, on the other hand, are pretty commonplace. These occur mainly because the uterus undergoes contractions during periods.

However, I feel that the Creator or Evolution has not been partial to women and there are no design flaws in the female anatomy or functional anomalies in the female physiology that makes us, women, victims to such awfulness every month.

I strongly believe that a lot of discomfort related to menstrual cramps can be eliminated by simple lifestyle changes. Cutting down on salt and sugar consumption a week before periods start is a great stepping stone. As I mentioned earlier, my mom or her her mom never had never known period pains probably because they led a healthy and active life. There are correlative studies that show that lifestyle plays an important role in this regard.

Period cramps are so bothersome that we often don’t spare a thought before taking pills. I was used to popping pain relief pills every month until I came to know about the Pain Relief Patches from @sironaindia.

These pain relief patches from @sironaindia are phenomenal. Here are some pros and cons.


⭐These have eucalyptus oil and menthol as active ingredients that curb cramps for about 8-10 hours.

⭐ They can be worn discreetly under clothing.

⭐ They don’t leave behind any marks on the skin or on the clothes.

⭐ Mess free, easy and convenient to use.

⭐ It has no know side effects.


⭐ Costlier than roll-ons.

It works just like pain balms do on sore muscles. When worn, it gives a feeling of warmth that relieves pain for a long time.

These patches are made from natural and organic oils which do not have any harmful side effects.
Eucalyptus oil is known for long-term relief from muscular aches, joint pains, sprains and poor blood circulation. It temporarily numbs the muscles and relives period cramps and muscle pains. Menthol has antimicrobial properties.

In my opinion, these patches are better than taking pain medications orally because the long term effect of such medication is controversial.

These patches are available in packs of 5 on @amazondotin

Dryness, chafing and itching down there can be challenging because, let’s face it, they constantly tug at our attention in the most ungodly ways. Even with the strictest of the hygiene routines, there remains room for rashes and itchiness during periods or long sweaty summer days. And for those of us who have an active lifestyle, irritation down there is sometimes unavoidable. All my life I have been using emollients to soothe the rashes but emollients don’t heal, they just protect the skin from getting dry.

@sironaindia Anti-chafing Rash Cream is a savior in times like those. I am definitely recommending this product. Here are a few pros and cons.


⭐Does not have a strong smell.

⭐ It is soothing and the emollient is pretty

⭐ All the ingredients are plant- derived.

⭐ Doesn’t contain any harmful additives or irritants like parabens, sulfates, preservatives etc.

⭐ It is a cruelty free and vegan product.


⭐There’s none I can think of. Maybe the price is a little high but Amazon has discounts going on.

@sironaindia Anti-chafing Rash Cream has herbal extracts that reduce the blotchiness and itching. It also has plant derived squalane that provides excellent protection against dryness. It is specifically made for those delicate areas.

This is an excellent product to invest in especially if you are active during your periods. Also, if you enjoy cycling, jogging or going to the gym during periods, this product would be really beneficial.

It is available online on @amazondotin for Rs 395 for 25g.

Dysmenorrhea is a treatable condition that needs medical attention and intervention. I do not recommend self medicating and encourage you to consult a physician if you think you might have this condition.

I am not a medical professional and my advice in this post should not be considered equivalent to medical advice.

This post is solely based on my observations and experiences and may not be backed by any scientific research.

This is not a sponsored however I have received the products for review purposes.

All the opinions expressed are my own and the brand Sirona and PeeBuddy did not influence them.

Alright, that was all I had to say. Let’s keep the conversation. Let me know in the comments section if you have tried these products. Also, share your tips to cope with menstrual cramps and rashes.

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