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Thank You!

I’m absolutely not proud to be born as a woman. Neither do I think that I am, in any manner, superior to men. Now, before you judge me, I want you to know that nothing encourages me to do something more than the thrill of being challenged to do it. I’m sure many of you will agree. We have faced many challenges growing up as girls and these little encounters have carved us into the best versions ourselves. So, ladies we deserve a pat on our backs. This blog post is my humble attempt to say “thank you” to all those who are making /have made my journey to #adorewomanhood more happening. If you are intrigued enough to know more, read on.

The Hosts: Let me start by thanking the hosts Anubhuti, Neha and Deepali for letting me board this blog train to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Thanks Neha for introducing me in your last post.


The (Extended) Family:This journey of gratitude begins with thanking my parents, grandparents, extended family, neighbours, and everyone else remotely connected or not connected to me for not bashing me or my mother for my birth. I owe my existence to them, quite literally. Brownie points for those who were happy for me being born as a girl, a dark skinned girl. My birth was a very special occasion for my family. They were delighted. But what delighted me were my birthdays.

My Family

The Guests: I remember, when my birthday parties were over I used to be very sad and wondered why I had to wait for one whole year for my next birthday to come. Because, birthdays = gifts.

Thanks to all of them who gifted me Barbie dolls and kitchen sets. I loved (and I still love) unwrapping presents and did not mind the dolls and tiny utensils popping out. Okay, just kidding! They were my prized possessions for the next few weeks. However, I think, I wouldn’t have objected to occasionally getting Lego bricks like my cousin brother did on his birthdays. Really? What moron buys a Lego set for a little girl? Oh come on…

There are more connections between the left and right hemispheres of a woman’s brain compared to a man’s brain. This, along with our hormones play a major role in how we think. And that is all. Men are not more intelligent than women. Neither are women pre-wired to like only certain activities. Our guests were not well informed I guess. I understand.

A Birthday Card From my Stash

The Uncle on the Bus: I must have been a weird kid to have played with big cartons turned into cars. There was an air of indifference and independence around me. I thought, I could be anything, be anywhere. Cool! No, just the opposite happens in reality. One particular bus ride taught me what most parents shy away from discussing with their young daughters. It was considered indecent. But this stranger uncle just grabbed me by my waist and made me sit on his lap and did things that shook me. Thanks uncle stranger, for teaching me to be extra cautious every time I boarded an overcrowded public transport.


I knew that talking about being “touched” was not encouraged. We were taught to stay indoors after dusk. But I’m happy that now we are coming out of our cocoons. Schools are teaching young people to be vocal and report incidents of violation. The stranger uncle has taught me the greatest lesson of all: Although, my body is a temple and I need to care for its well-being, my soul is the sacred deity and will always remain untarnished.

The Next-door Auntie: She is multi-talented and multi-tasking Auntie. Her daughter (or son) always scored better marks, dressed and behaved more appropriately than me. Kudos for raising such a prodigy. Thank you keeping a check on my manners, grades, attires right from when I was a toddler. Thanks for being so vigilant about which gender I mingled with the most. Thank you for being extremely generous with your advices. I was impressed when you told me how issues of national or perhaps international importance could be resolved by slight modifications to women’s conduct and attire. For example, how sexual harassment can be single handedly battled if women chose to dress more conservatively or how ek chutki sindoor (a pinch of vermilion) on my forehead can prolong my husband’s life and bring marital bliss.

You are the reason why we celebrate women’s day and not men’s day or homo sapiens’ day for that matter.

Auntie, you deserve a break now. You have earned it!


The “People”: Have I already stated that this gratitude list is random? Had it not been random, I would have chosen to place “the people” on top of the list. Sorry, I have no idea who these people are but they seem to be everywhere, judging everyone. I’m not biased but I have a feeling that this tribe consists of females, mostly. They are jealous, judgemental, vindictive and love to corner people for trivial reasons. Honestly, I was scared of them till I realized that I don’t care. I’m grateful that we have parted ways.


The Monster In-laws: Mine are fine. I’m grateful to have made the acquaintance of such kind people. They are so rare…in India. There are multiple reasons to thank them: for not demanding the “cash and car, for letting me work, blah blah blah… But more than anything else I want to thank them for acknowledging and respecting the fact that I’m am individual who has grown up with a set of values different from their own but chosen to follow some of theirs.


The Squad: If you liked reading this post and are ready for more, please check out the next post in this blogathon by Shruti.

I admit, being a girl is challenging as well as adventurous. Men and women are biologically different for reasons known best to science. Hence, a battle of the sexes is futile. This Women’s Day and for the following 364 days, let all of us promise to be supportive and encourage the women around us. Remember,

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Lush Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser Review

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Lush Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser Review

Lush Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser

First things first. If you are in a hurry, skip to the “What’s Hot, What’s Not” section.

What comes to your mind when you hear about the brand Lush? A great smelling shop in a big shopping mall with an array of beautifully crafted bath bombs and soaps, tubs of exotic blends and colorful pick-me-ups perched on well decorated shelves. Most of us, including me, have believed that Lush is a chemical-free brand of high-end skin care. Well, in reality, it is not. Neither does the brand claim to be so. Lush is a completely vegan, cruelty free brand and most of the products are handmade. They have chemicals like SLS (sodium laureth sulphate) and synthetic fragrances in some of their products. However, the brand is very transparent about the ingredients they use. You can find the list of ingredients on the packaging of your product or if the product comes “naked” or unpacked, you can ask for a booklet that lists the ingredients used in each product. The brand uses very minimal packaging. There are a few products like soaps and bath bombs that do not come with any packaging while others come in glass bottles or recycled plastic tubs. Lush’s USP is the environment friendly factor. According to the company website and other trusted sources, the brand is striving towards making the products preservatives free. In fact, some of these products are self-preserving. These environment friendly measures and vegan products make Lush one of my favorite skin care brands.

My Experience at Lush, Garden Mall, Jupiter, Florida:

Honestly, I love shopping at Lush. I completely agree that the products are more expensive than many other vegan brands. Some may also complain that the shop assistants at the Lush stores are bothersome and mean. To be honest, I did feel a little overwhelmed when two SAs came to my side asking what I was looking for and asking me about my skin type and specific needs. I love to shop independently. But if you are new to Lush, you would need assistance because it is difficult to understand how they categorize the products. Trust me, it seems quite haphazard at first glance. But the SAs were quite nice. Mean and bothersome, no. Overfriendly, yes.

I think I have said enough about the store and the brand. Let me now focus on the product.

Aqua Marina Face and Body Cleanser: A Review

Quite frankly, I love this product for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a very gentle cleanser and can be a used on the face as well as the body.
  • It does not have SLS.
  • It’s good for all skin types because it does not leave an oily residue post rinsing.
  • It makes the skin dewy.
  • I love the fragrance.
  • I love products with sea weeds and sea salt. These ingredients are believed be rich in minerals that are good for the skin.
  • The brand does not make hefty promises
Cream cleanser with the goodness of sea weeds

However, there are a few things that may be a concern for some:

  • The fragrance is a little pungent but you get used to it.
  • You might be allergic to one or more of the ingredients.
  • Shelf life is three months.
  • Overpriced

Let’s now take a quick look at the label.

What’s Hot, What’s Not:


  • From natural sources are labelled in green

Glycerine, Calamine powder, Kaolin, Irish Moss gel (chondrus crispus), Organic Aloe Vera gel (aloe barbadensis), Fine Sea Salt, Nori Seaweed (algae), Sweet Wild Orange oil (citrus sinensis), Patchouli oil (pogostemon cablin), Carrageenan Extract (chondrus crispus)

  • From safe, synthetic sources are labelled in black

Butyl phenyl methylpropional, Hexyl cinnamal, Fragrance

List of ingredients

How to use:

Take a small amount of the product and add a little water to make a paste. Rinse after massaging gently. Can be used all over the body and face.

How to use

Other Relevant Info:

It comes in a black recycled plastic tub. If you return five such clean containers, you will get a free face mask. It is vegan and self preserving.

SP stands for self preserving and V is for vegan

Pocket Pinch and Availability:

A 100 g (3.5 oz) is priced at $12.50

Available at the Lush stores and on the Lush website. You can also call 1 (888) 733-5874 to place an order.

Have you tried this product? How has it worked out for you? Please let me know.

Alright, I’ll wrap it up for now. Have fun exploring new products.



Freedom to be Who I am

Have you ever wondered if marriage gives you a new identity? Or, how about if your current job role or your educational background defines who you are? Well, I wouldn’t have been inclined to ponder these if I were not faced with the situation I was in.

A few months back, I got married to a very bright guy who I was dating over the past few years. He is a scientist working as a postdoctoral research fellow at a prestigious United States university. I too am an accountant in a reputed company in my hometown. We had plans to settle in the United States after the wedding. So, we moved in together. One fine day, hubby darling got a call from a university in the Bahamas to fill in the position of an associate professor. Now, the rule in the Bahamas is: they would not recruit an accountant with a different nationality. (The islands are populated by less than eighty-five thousand people and they have a lot of accountants on the islands, it seems!) I was completely devastated and was in a state of denial for the rest the day when I came to know this. What am I without my job? My over-active frontal lobe (the part of the brain that makes you think critically) took the question to a whole new level. I began to hatch plans to go back to my hometown to the comfort of my paternal home and start working as an accountant once again. I would take a detour from here before going on with my story because I want to draw an important comparison.

Many of us are faced with similar situations; from people like me and you to mighty nations: being “stuck or bound” and not being able to bounce back even though we have the ability to. India, for example, had the resources to overthrow the British yoke sooner than she did only if the all the visionaries executed a better coordination in understanding the former greatness of our nation and believed in our indigenous resourcefulness.

Similarly, I was considering my own limited options very carefully. I had a few to consider: a. going back to my hometown; b. ask my husband not to take up the job; c. staying on the island with my husband doing household chores (yes, this one too). All of them were frustratingly difficult for me. But for my husband, nothing is and ever will be too bothersome. From time to time he kept on pestering me with “Hey, why don’t you blog full time?” or “Hey, why don’t you complete your psychology course? You know I have your back, don’t you?” He was very sure that I was talented enough to flip my life 180 degrees for the better. But I was neither in the state to listen to him nor could I come up with a solution. I was quite literally “stuck”.

In the midst of this mental chaos, my husband suggested that I start painting to keep myself from going into a depression (I had bouts of clinical depression in the past). I have loved everything artsy from as early in my childhood as I can remember. So, I began by collecting seashells and turning them into cute stuff- stuff that you would like to get someone as gifts. I continued this for about six months and until I had a beautiful collection.

It so happened, one day, that, I got invited to attend the Governor’s luncheon. I had packed a few of my painted seashells in a nice and presentable casing for the governor’s wife as a token of my gratitude. Little did I know that my life would take a different turn, a small but a significant one. Over the lunch, the Governor and his wife very casually suggested that they could use my art to raise funds. 

Well, I don’t make millions off what I do- I barely make a few thousands. But, I am happy because my earnings contribute to the greater cause of nation-building maybe in a very small way.

From my situation, I have learned an important lesson: to be free from the limitations that are placed on us by what we think and to break free of them to be a truly independent person. In this age, nobody is limited by their background, level of education or anything for that matter. We just have to figure the way forward and save ourselves and our dear ones from the mental agonies that our own limiting beliefs create.


This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Snehalata from for introducing me. I would now like to introduce  Nayantara from and recommend you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does Freedom Mean To You’.

In Your Skin

In Your Skin

There’s only one way look your best- being in your own skin. It took me almost three decades to figure this out. I never thought that there is a fine line between looking good and looking your best. I only realized this when I went through a phase of drastic transformation. I went from skinny and dull to lean and beautiful. One fine morning, I decided to let what people think about me take the backseat and develop a perspective of my own to determine what I look like to myself. I’m in no way summarizing that this is the entire story of my transformation. Nevertheless, this dawn of wisdom was the stepping stone and the most crucial step in the complete process. I think I would like to describe each and every step of the journey for you, my precious angel: that’s my endeavor through this blog. So, let me start from the very beginning.

It’s absolutely essential that you start with an empty canvas. And by an empty canvas, I mean a mind free of any limiting notions about yourself. Believe it or not, these false premises are the biggest hindrances to your successful take off. The first thing that I did was to let go of all the prejudices. That was the first time I realized how good it feels to be in my own skin. It’s almost like taking off that constricting bra.

There are powerful devices in your arsenal that will significantly and positively aid in taking this vital step. Youtube videos of Abraham Hicks were my personal favorites.  I don’t intend to spark up any religion/faith related controversy here in this forum. You can find inspiration in any form and mode of your choice. You can determine this with ease.

The next step is to purge your mind of any negativity that you might be feeling at this point in time. It can be directed to yourself or at anyone else. But remember that any hostility towards anybody is actually self-disgust in disguise. Get rid of it. Totally.

The third step is to cleanse your system. Get rid of physical (in the literal sense, in case you were wondering) pollutants from within your body and around yourself. Do detox diets, eat lean and clean,  meditate, clean the vicinity of your being. One activity that has totally lost momentum now in India is the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, an initiative by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to clean our streets. We can control what we feed ourselves and what where we stay. Small things done collectively can bring about changes that we desire.

The fourth and final step is to stay happy. The importance of keeping yourself happy cannot be emphasized enough. One simple trick is to look for something funny in the most portentous of situations though it might seem impossible at first glance. Take yourself on long walks (all by yourself or with someone who makes you feel valued), feed yourself something yummy, make yourself do more of what you like. The most important component to being in your skin is to make yourself comfortable in it.

Once you being to feel happy in your skin is when the transformation game begins. Hope you get here real fast. Then we can take this journey forward by making the most of the other resource available to us. They say, charity begins at home, and your story of transformation begins with you being in your skin.

Hope to see you soon. I’m curious to know your story too. Do pitch in.


MMOTW: Mond’Sub Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask

MMOTW: Mond’Sub Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging Ears Face & Neck Mask

Holla beauties! Weekends, especially the ones when it’s pouring all day, are the best the best days to sit back and pamper yourself. I have been neglecting my health of late (like not drinking enough water, not getting enough rest and so on ) and as a result, my skin was looking pretty dull. So, I wanted to treat my skin (and also the little kiddo in me) first thing this weekend. And what’s a better way to do so than sheet masking while listening to your favorite song on repeat mode? I tried the new Mond’Sub Pearl face and neck mask this weekend and boy, I was certainly impressed by the results.

I got this mask in my Glamego box this month. You can check out the post here. You can get your own Mond’Sub mask at  Amazon.

As the name suggests, this is a revitalizing mask. It also claims to lighten, brighten, firm and lift. The pearl extracts which are a great source of deep sea minerals along with seaweed extracts, vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid work wonders to hydrate the skin. Ascorbic acid and the other actives present in the lotion bring about a brightening, bleaching, anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effect on the skin.


This mask is quite unique compared to the other sheet masks that I have used. They call it a 3D mask because it covers the entire face and neck along with the under-chin area and also has hanging ears. Also, this comes with a vitamin C essence that needs to be massaged into the skin after rinsing off the mask.


The mask weighs 35g and the lotion weighs 5g. It’s priced at INR  250. You can buy a pack of three at Amazon for a discounted price of INR 299.

I would encourage you to go through the list of ingredients before you go ahead and try the product because some of us might be allergic to certain ingredients like lactobacillus. They recommend doing a patch test using a bit of the slimy gel behind your ears to check if that irritates your skin. I have dry and non-sensitive skin and it worked just fine for me.

When I opened the pack and pulled the mask out, I got a lot of the gel onto my hands. It was quite easy to wear the sheet mask though my face was a little too small for the mask. The dimensions of this mask are good enough to suit a variety of face shapes and sizes. What impressed me the most were the flaps that would go under the chin and on the neck. It’s a pity that the masks we use, cater only to the skin on the face and the skin under the chin (it rhymes!) which is as delicate as the facial skin remains mostly neglected.

The gel is slimy and has a hint of fragrance. The gel gets easily absorbed by the skin once you rub it in gently and makes the skin feel hydrated instantly. It feels like one of those hydration boosting glacial/spring water creams. I loved how it felt on my hands.


After I smoothed the mask sheet on my face, I kept it on for almost twenty minutes. Then I gently rubbed in the excess gel into my skin. I think the mask did everything that it claims. After a few more minutes I washed off the gel with tepid water and patted my face dry. My face was already feeling plumped up with moisture. Then I squeezed out a few drops of the Vitamin C essence and applied it to my face and neck. It’s a transparent fluid with a runny kind of consistency. This too got absorbed in pretty quickly and the result was a way smoother and softer skin than the week before. I noted very significant changes in the appearance of my skin in terms of smoothness and hydration after the application of the mask. I cannot say about the anti-ageing benefits since I haven’t used this for long enough.

This morning I woke up with the softness intact. The Vitamin C essence is a wonderful addition to this mask. I bet you can count on Hyaluronic acid to keep your skin’s moisture balance well balanced.

Overall, it’s a total value-for-money product. I’m soon gonna restock.

Let’s quickly recapitulate the pros:

  • Delivers what it promises
  • Reasonably priced
  • Readily available

Let’s look at the cons now:

  • Might not suit everyone

All said and done, I’ll let you enjoy your masking time now. Do let me know your experience if you have used this product. If you haven’t, do give it a shot.