Welcome to My World!

And thanks for stopping by. I’m grateful to have you here. If you’re still wondering where in the world (or on the Internet) you are, rest assured, you are on my blog. Here, I talk/rant/go gaga over/state my opinion on random things. But trust me, there’s a lot in here for YOU because I belong to the same league as you. I’m sure we do have a lot in common and you can relate to me, one hundred percent.

Sometimes, things get messy when you want to organize them. So, let me explain a few jargons that I use here to categorize my posts:

  • Pep Talk is my personal favorite. No points for guessing why. These feel-good posts are meant to pep you up. Most of them are based on my personal experiences. I talk about the issues that I have dealt with in the past or am still struggling with. I also talk about the things that inspire me, the lessons that I’ve learnt in life, my own opinions on beauty, confidence, courage etc. My ambition is to break irrational taboos and inspire people to love themselves. I write straight from my soul for my loved ones: you. They usually come with this picture at the beginning of the post:

  • Mirror Mirror on the WALL or (MMOTW) titled posts are generally product reviews. They come with the name of the product so that you are not left confused. I review products and services both for free and in exchange for benefits from my clients. But I never promote anything or write “positive reviews” in exchange for anything. I consider each one of you who visit my website as part of my online family and I feel morally obliged to be honest with you.

I will keep you posted on any new jargon before I throw them in any of my future posts. For that you need to keep an eye on this page. I’ll also have the links to the my social media pages listed here and keep you posted about any upcoming giveaways or events.

Last but not least, I don’t want to be the sole orator here. So, if you want to volunteer to write here, you can send in your articles here. You will be given a special mention on all my social media and also on this blog.