From My Bucket List

On day two of #sweetnovemberchallenge I will share something from my bucket list. Before I go ahead and do so, please don’t forget to check out the post from yesterday if you haven’t already. Also, my friends are taking this challenge. Please follow the hashtag #bloggerbae and #sweetnovemberchallenge to know what they’ve on their bucket… Read More From My Bucket List

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The Ordinary : Review 

The Ordinary has become one of my favourite skincare brands. It’s affordable and has a range of cruelty free ingredient based cosmeceuticals. You can choose the products according to your concern. The formulations are super effective. I’ve provided a sample regimen guide sorted by skin concern.… Read More The Ordinary : Review 


Thank You!

I’m absolutely not proud to be born as a woman. Neither do I think that I am, in any manner, superior to men. Now, before you judge me, I want you to know that nothing encourages me to do something more than the thrill of being challenged to do it. I’m sure many of you… Read More Thank You!